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Apartment Movers in Rochester NY

Long Distance Moving Company

Interior Moving Services has stood out as the premier apartment moving specialist based in the Rochester region. Our team is not only trained in moving logistics, but also in careful furniture packing and moving.

Our movers understand the strategic planning required to maneuver furniture in tight spaces, and ensure that all belongings are transported safely and on-time. The experience our team has in handling various apartment layouts and sizes since 1992 has equipped us with providing a stress-free moving experience, regardless of whether you are moving into a studio or multi-bedroom apartment.

For all your apartment moving needs, you can trust Interior Moving Services.


Hiring Apartment Movers in Rochester NY

Navigating the urban landscape requires a mover with local expertise. Trust Interior Moving Services, your local apartment movers in Rochester NY, helping folks just like you move since 1992.

How Much Does an Apartment Mover Cost?

At Interior Moving Services, we believe that no move is too small. Moving can be a stressful experience, and we are here to help make it a breeze. Whether it’s moving a few pieces of furniture, or an entire apartment, our team approaches every move with the same level of professionalism and care.

We understand that even a small move can be significant, and we strive to provide you with a seamless and worry-free experience, regardless of the size of the job.

Some of our customers call us in only to move a single piece of large furniture, like their hot tub or piano. You need it moved, then we have your back. Give us a call today!

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Handling Even the Smallest Move

When choosing an apartment moving service, cost can be a significant deciding factor. The cost of an apartment move varies based on the size of the apartment and amount of boxes to move, as well as the distance of relocation.

At Interior Moving Services, our approach is to provide up-front, honest pricing based on a thorough assessment of your moving needs. We want to ensure you get the best value for your money, and so we pride ourselves on transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

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Last Minute Move? No Problem! 

We understand that unexpected circumstances can sometimes leave you making a last-minute move. At Interior Moving Services, we are equipped to handle these situations with efficiency.

Our flexible scheduling allows us to accommodate many last-minute requests, especially during the off-season, ensuring that your urgent moving needs are met promptly and professionally. Our team is trained to work under tight deadlines while maintaining high standards of service and customer satisfaction.

No matter what kind of moving help you need, we’re there for you. We’ll help you pack the boxes and drive the truck, as well as unload and unpack.


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