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Movers in Rochester NY

Interior Moving Services is the largest locally owned, independent moving and storage company in Rochester.

We provide residential and commercial moving services for local and long distance moves.

Movers in Rochester NY

Movers in Rochester NY

Interior Moving Services is the largest locally owned, independent moving and storage company in Rochester.

We provide residential and commercial moving services for local and long distance moves.

Interior Moving Services: Movers Rochester NY

What Can Our Movers Do For You?

The team of movers at Interior Moving Services set us apart from most other moving companies.

These movers will:

  • Help relocate commercial & residential home owners (Even your piano can be moved!).
  • Offer secure, containerized storage for any amount of time.
  • Transport your belongings respectfully and punctually.
  • Provide equipment rental for commercial enterprises.
  • Offer a storage facility that is under 24/7 surveillance.
  • Include packing supplies in your initial quote.

Moving Company in Rochester, NY: The Top Choice Above Other Moving Companies in Rochester

Big Moving Company, Local Roots

  • Transportation for residential and commercial purposes
  • FREE local onsite no-obligation quote for moves in Rochester
  • Packaging supplies such as clear packing tape, boxes of various sizes, labels, and bubble wrap
  • Many moving trucks equipped to transport you
  • Trained movers who will pack your items strategically and carefully
  • Rapid and efficient scheduling
  • Labor only services
  • Equipment rental for commercial enterprises
  • Climate-Controlled storage vaults which can keep your belongings safe from the elements and theft
Moving Companies Rochester NY

Moving Estimates with No Cost & No Obligation

Our movers provide FREE over-the-phone and onsite estimates of local and long-distance moves so that you can plan ahead. These movers are trained to be courteous and accommodating, so they’ll inform you of the various costs of your move. Costs aren’t hidden from you; you’ll get the quote upfront, before the movers begin packing and moving your belongings.

Even after your free estimate, you don’t have to choose us as your moving company. We’re happy to help you and answer your questions. Fill out the estimate form and you will hear back from us to determine your moving charges.

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Moving Outside of Rochester NY?

Long-distance moves can pose a unique set of challenges compared with local moves. For instance, interstate moves require that moving companies have federal authority when crossing state lines. The long-distance movers of our company can make your move easier with their resources and moving expertise.

Our movers are capable of moving clients out of apartments, condos, homes of all sizes, and even an entire office or corporation. We will work with each customer to consider a variety of factors when determining a final quote for the moving service, aiming at saving you as much money as possible without sacrificing quality and care. Additionally, our storage solutions can keep your belongings safe during a moving transition period. Contact us today for a free long-distance moving quote.

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Commercial Moving

Make sure your business’s relocation to or from the Rochester area goes exactly as planned. We use a labeled organizational rack to unpack in reverse order of how the items were packed, allowing us to put back files, documents records cabinets and desks just like they left them at their previous business location. Having had a wide variety of experience moving commercial companies, from law firms to libraries, you can rest assured that we’ve got your Rochester NY moving covered. Contact us today to request a free quote for your business.

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Climate-Controlled Storage Available in Rochester NY

As an alternative to self-storage, we have climate-controlled storage vaults available for those in the Rochester, NY area. These high-quality commercial or residential storage vaults protect your items from damage due caused by the harsh climate-related factors in Rochester such as humidity and frost as well as other harmful environmental factors such as theft, insects, or forklift damage.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers affordable moving solutions, and our storage options are no different. Self-storage in our secure vaults is designed to be an affordable way to store and protect your prized furniture, appliances, instruments, electronics, collectibles, artwork, photos, and documents.

Climate Controlled Storage in Rochester N.Y....

Movers Serious About Safety

We meet the New York State Department of Transportation’s requirements for carriers of household goods, as authorized by the Commissioner of Transportation. This keeps us accountable to maintain the safety of all goods that transported during our moves, and our infrastructure is designed to adhere to the regulations set in place for the safety of all your possessions entrusted in our care.

Our transporting process is built around protective measures to keep your things safe.

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