Why is Fall the Best Time for your Move?

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local movers
So you know it’s time to relocate, but you haven’t even started looking for ideal housing yet. You meant to get the move over with in summer, but now summer’s finished and fall has arrived. However, autumn has several advantages for those who need to move, so you may have done yourself a favor. Why is fall one of the best times to move?       

1. Fall offers Ideal Housing

local movers As the season transitions into fall, many college students return to school. If you live in a university town, you’ll get your pick of housing once the students leave. They leave behind small but decent apartments and rental rooms. The end of summer also marks a transition for families with school kids. Families usually move during the busy season – summer – so that they can get settled before their kids enter school. With so many options, you’ll likely find exactly the kind of home you want.

2. Fall offers Flexibility – and Potentially Lower Prices

As we mentioned before, summer is by far the busiest season (May-September) for us, so if you wait for autumn, you can have more flexibility with scheduling and pricing. We’ll have more trucks and employees available to host your move and get you to your new home as quickly as possible.

3. Fall offers Perfect Moving Conditions – and Winter Doesn’t

If you procrastinate too long for your move, you’ll be changing home after the weather turns bitter. Hardly anyone wants to move in winter. The ice and snow create treacherous conditions to be handling heavy boxes from the trucks to the house. If you move in autumn, you can have your new place set up comfy and cozy before the first freeze.
As always, if you want an easy moving experience, just contact us at 585-288-8000 and we’ll schedule your FREE onsite quote! We’re also happy to answer any questions and explain the insurance options.

Why Don’t our Movers Wear Booties?

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Why Don’t Our Movers Wear Booties?

Moving Company Rochester NY

We’ve had customers ask us why we don’t require our movers to wear booties when they walk through new homes. We figured it’s time to address this concern and explain our policy on booties.

Moving Company Rochester NYAren’t Booties for Babies?

Booties are slip-on fabric covers that go over the movers’ shoes. At first, booties probably sound like a good idea since they protect your new carpet and floors from dirt and outside contamination. But if you think about the logistics of booties, they aren’t the most practical option.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

When customers ask us why we aren’t wearing booties, they’re probably thinking of plumbers or cable men who often slip on booties over their shoes while they’re on service calls. But people in these occupations bring their own tools and equipment for the job and make one trip inside the house and one trip out.

Moving Company Rochester NYWhat Would Happen if our Movers DID Wear Booties?

Movers, on the other hand, make hundreds of trips back and forth. When they arrive at your new location, they would have to grab some boxes from the truck, stop at the front door, put on booties, walk inside and distribute the boxes, walk to the door, take the booties off, walk to the truck … and on and on and on. They’d probably take about 30 seconds each trip to put on and take off the booties, and multiplied by a few hours, those seconds would rapidly add up. If you’re paying by the hour (the most common practice among moving companies), you might find the cost staggering once the job is completed.

Some customers suggest our movers bring several pieces to the entryway, then put on booties and distribute accordingly. The procedure still adds time to the overall cost, but additional problems include overcrowding, disorganization, and mismanagement. For example, if they pile boxes haphazardly in the foyer, they may not be able to coordinate where each box belongs. We have a streamlined process in place to keep your move as orderly as possible, but we’d have to completely revamp the process and make it more complicated.

Booties are Dangerous!

Most importantly, our movers have to carry heavy, awkward furniture up stairs, sometimes backwards, to get everything distributed properly. Booties can severely reduce traction and make the process extremely dangerous for the movers.

 Moving Company Rochester NYWhat’s Our Solution?

Instead of booties, we advocate for a carpet shield for carpet and stairways, a more economical (and safer!) option. Pads taped down over hard floors can be a huge help as well. Our movers can easily wipe their shoes off before entering rooms. We want to protect your new home as much as possible, but we also want to protect our movers, and we find this solution to do both!

Call 585-288-8000 if you have any further concerns and we’d be happy to chat!


What you REALLY Can’t Forget to Pack

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Packing Services Rochester NY

For that first move-in day, you’re going to want essentials like the coffee pot, cell phone chargers, and garbage bags. The packing company of your choice will take care of those things, so you don’t have to stress out about remembering absolutely everything. But according to NYS law, moving companies can’t legally pack certain items – and for practical reasons, shouldn’t pack others. For your convenience, we’ve put these items into 3 categories:

1. Chemicals

Packing Services Rochester NY

Packing Services Rochester NY

Chemicals refer to flammables, corrosives, and explosives. This category encompasses some items that seem arbitrary at first, but make sense considering the safety hazards. As you go throughout your house deciding what to pack and what not to pack, just try to pinpoint anything that has a chemical as the main ingredient, such as:

  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Automobile Fluids
  • Batteries
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers & Weed Killers
  • Pool Cleaners

2. Perishables

Packing Services Rochester NY

Packing Services Rochester NY

Most moving companies will pack and transport perishables only if your entire move can take place within 24 hours. If your move will take longer than that, especially considering traveling time, then your perishables won’t make it back into a refrigerator before they spoil. A great solution? Pack these items in a well-insulated camping cooler the night before your move. That way you won’t have to worry about packing them the day of the move but you’ll still have something to bring to your new place. Perishables include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Opened Food Products
  • Ice Cream
  • Frozen Meat
  • Condiments
  • Dairy Products
  • “Refrigerate After Opening” Products

3. Sentimental Items

Packing Services Rochester NY

Packing Services Rochester NY

You’ll likely want to keep an eye on sentimental items so nothing of personal value is misplaced or damaged. We suggest entrusting a close family member or friend to pack and transport family-valued items:

  • Important Papers & Documents
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Marriage & Car Licences
  • Deeds
  • Laptops & Cellphones
  • Jewelry & Precious Metals
  • Medicine & Medical Devices

We hope these categories help you know what to pack and what NOT to pack for your upcoming move. If you need any more help or have questions about our packing services, call 585-288-8000 and we’d be happy to help!

Insurance for Your Move: Rochester NY Mover

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How to Get Covered for your Upcoming Move

Catastrophes happen. We know it’s true. We can’t predict where or when or how, but we can predict something will likely go wrong. But when it comes to your move, we want to help you prepare for potential catastrophes. That’s why we offer two coverage options in case your belongings are lost or damaged.

Rochester NY MoverThe details of your mover’s liability are outlined in the Bill of Lading (BoL or B/L), which you and your carrier discuss before your move. The more coverage you choose, the more the price of your move will increase. The BoL contains two options:

  1. You record the exact cash value of all your possessions based on depreciated value, or

  2. You purchase Full Replacement Value Protection for your belongings.

So What is Depreciated Value?

Rochester NY MoverOur coverage options are based on the depreciated value of the total of your possessions, but what does that mean? Suppose you paid $100 for a lamp. Ten years later, you decide to move. If the lamp gets destroyed during the move, your carrier won’t be expected to reimburse $100 for a ten year old lamp. Replacement value is based off of the current value of the lamp.

Protection at No Extra Cost

One coverage option is automatically included in the quote for your move. Based off of weight, it offers protection up to 30¢ per lb. of each individual item. What does that look like? If your lamp weighs 4 lbs. and gets lost or damaged, you’ll receive $1.20 regardless of the value of the lamp. You can choose this coverage option by specifying in the BoL the desired reimbursement (not exceeding 30¢ per item) in the Valuation Statement line.

Rochester NY MoverProtection Based on the Value of Declaration

If you prefer more comprehensive compensation for lost or damaged items, you can declare on the BoL how much you think your total shipment of belongings is worth in cash value. This coverage option costs an additional 50¢ per $100 of cash evaluation. For example, if you declare the total of your possessions to be $2,500, you’ll pay $12.50 for the additional coverage. If you leave the Valuation Statement line blank, by default your carrier is liable up to $2,500. But if you believe your possessions have a greater value than $2,500, then you must fill in the line with the appropriate cash value amount (based on depreciated value, as always).

When it comes to transporting your goods for your big move, you don’t want to be unprotected if/when catastrophe strikes. Call 585-288-8000 for more coverage information or to schedule a FREE onsite quote.

It’s time to move on.

Commercial Moving Made Easy in 5 Tasks

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commercial moving

Commercial Moving Rochester, New York

We’ve made your company’s move easier by condensing YOUR list of to-do’s down to FIVE things.

Has your company outgrown its current location? Or maybe your client base has grown too large to be a reasonable commute. Whatever the case, it’s time to acknowledge the truth: you need to MOVE your company.

Planning a corporate move is challenging, to say the least – and we would know since we’ve been in the moving business for over two decades – but with our help, you can be relieved of all that STRESS.

To help you out, we condensed your list of packing chores to merely a few items that need a little personal attention from you. The rest is up to us. But keep our packing services in mind, because depending on which “package” of services you request from us, we could do your whole move on our own, including the packing.

What to Consolidate & Pack:

  • Clear the Shelves of your Bookcases

You’ll want to pack away everything on your open bookcase shelves so that nothing gets disorganized during the move. Our guys can then easily lift the bookcases into the trucks – speeding up the loading process – and save you money.  We do have library carts (essentially bookcases on wheels) available to make the process easier in case you have extensive shelving.

  • Empty Out your Cabinets

Commercial moving

Commercial Moving

We know you don’t want to unload your standard and lateral filing cabinets.  Since most furniture is made to hold items in a stationary setting, it is usually unsuitable to move them when they contain items. Upright filing cabinets should at least have the top two (2) drawers emptied to prevent buckling during the move. Lateral file cabinets are built with a weight concealed in the back of them to prevent tipping when you open the oversized drawers. Please pack the items in these. When you lighten the loads, the whole transition process goes smoother. You’ll want to pack the contents of your storage cabinets.  Everything should be labeled accordingly, either by you or our employees, so that the unloading process is as straightforward as possible.  We sell moving labels to assist in this process.

  • Clear Out your Desks and Take Personal Items Home

All the items in your employees’ desks should be packed.  Any breakables and personal items should be packed and labeled accordingly. Valuables should be taken home or transported directly by your employees. If they have small items like paper clips, writing utensils, etc., we suggest putting them in zip-lock bags to make the unpacking process easier.

  • Remove all the Food from the Office Refrigeratorcommercial moving

Make sure you take out all food, especially perishable items, from the office ‘fridge. Transport these items to your new location. Our movers will lift all heavy furniture and appliances, but we can’t transport refrigerator and freezer items.

  • Take Our the Ink Cartriges in the Printers

We recommend removing the ink cartridges from your commercial printers before packing and loading printing equipment. That way you won’t open the printer box at your new location and find what looks like an octopus’ inky accident.

Five tasks isn’t so bad, right? Especially compared to the multitude of chores you’d initially have. As always, we’re here to offer advice, give you a quote, and offer more packing suggestions. Just call 585-288-8000 and let us know how we can help make your move easier!

We dare you to move.

Residential Movers Rochester NY; Your Moving Guide

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Residential Movers Rochester NY

We’ve been packing and relocating property owners and residents for over 20 years. We’ve moved construction companies, churches, offices, music rooms, libraries – we’ve done it all. And throughout those years, we’ve learned a couple packing tips.

Check out these areas that need a bit more special attention!


residential movers rochester ny

Residential Movers Rochester NY

Always pack dishes vertically, not horizontally, to protect them from breaking. As strange as it sounds, the tighter you pack breakables, the more they’ll cushion each other during transit.


residential movers rochester ny

Packing Rooms, Wallhangings, and Furniture

We pack room by room to make set-up at your new location faster and easier. That way we don’t have to question where which box goes when we start unpacking. And we remember “first in, last out.” Thinking ahead speeds up the process.


If you don’t have the original boxes that your equipment came in, we can surround the item with bubble wrap for protection. We also provide loose fill like packing peanuts and kraft paper to cushion your possessions.

Miscellaneous Items

Oblong things are always a challenge. We’ve discovered that if we don’t overlap the box flaps and use packing tape (not duct tape) instead, the box retains the most support. (Bonus Tip: we always recommend packing tape since it’s manufactured specifically for packing boxes. And since it’s clear, you’ll be able to see labels underneath it.)

Heavy Items

Our rule of thumb for packing heavy items: the smaller the box, the better. Large boxes fill up fast, but we make sure to keep the load an easy carry weight. We suggest using small boxes for books, appliances, and some toys, depending on the weight.


residential movers rochester ny

Packing Clothes and Wardrobes

It’s easy to mix up seasonal clothes (especially when all the boxes look the same!). So we label the boxes on both the top flap and at least one side. It helps tremendously when we start to unpack.


If necessary, we’ll first disassemble the pieces, but we make sure to keep all the small parts – like screws and bolts – in one place. We take extra precaution to avoid losing anything.

Experience is the best teacher when it comes to learning the BEST way to pack and unpack, and we want to share what we’ve learned with you. If you have any questions or want to schedule an onsite visit, call 585-288-8000.
Give us a chance to move you.